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The Best Endorsement is Your Vote!

I am honored and grateful that the following people and groups are supporting my campaign for State Senate.  Their confidence in my ability to win and courage to govern is humbling.  Along with these supporters, the best endorsement I can receive is your vote on Tuesday, November 8, 2022!








Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Candice Miller proudly endorses

Pamela Hornberger for State Senate


"One thing I have learned over many years of public service is how important it is to have strong partners at other levels of government. PAMELA HORNBERGER has shown that commitment; she will continue to demonstrate leadership for our entire community in the State Senate. I look forward to voting for PAMELA HORNBERGER for State Senate."

-Candice Miller, Macomb County Public Works Commissioner










"I believe in integrity and respect and as Chesterfield Township Supervisor, have worked to create a culture based on this belief. In my time working with Pamela Hornberger, I have always appreciated her commitment to those tenets. I am pleased to offer my endorsement to Pamela in her bid to become our next state senator and hope you will join me in supporting her on August 3,2021."

-Danny Acciavatti, Chesterfield Township Supervisor

"Anyone who knows Pamela Hornberger knows her integrity and commitment to the people she serves. I have watched her work tirelessly to demand accountability in our schools and from our elected officials, and fight to eliminate regulations on families and businesses. Her record speaks for itself. I know that Utica and Shelby Township deserve an advocate and I would be honored to have her as our partner in the senate."

-State Rep. Diana Farrington

"I know the hard working men and women of Macomb County, and so does Pamela Hornberger. We deserve a senator who will fight for our jobs and our values. Pamela will continue to be a champion of our conservative principles in Lansing. Vote Pamela Hornberger for State Senate on August 3, 2021."

-Ken Goike, former State Representative

"Pamela Hornberger has been the practical, common sense conservative leader we need in the House and will carry that legacy to the Senate. She will work hard for the people of Macomb, not the special interests that so often take precedence with our legislators. I am eager to offer my endorsement and urge you to join me in supporting Pamela Hornberger for State Senate on August 3,2021."

-Phil Kraft, Macomb County Commissioner

"Pamela Hornberger is the voice that Macomb families need. She is a dedicated leader with conservative principles and a record that is second to none. She has championed efforts to help keep schools and elected officials accountable and help families and businesses receive COVID relief funds."

-Dr. Karen Potchynok-Lund

"During my time serving Macomb County and its residents I have worked with a lot of people. Pamela Hornberger's tenacity and leadership is unparalleled. She is unapologetic in her convictions and committed to those she serves. I hope you will join me in voting for Pamela Hornberger for State Senate on August 3, 2021."

-Ralph "Skip" Maccarone, former Shelby Township Supervisor

"I have been honored to serve as a Shelby Township trustee for years. I can think of no better champion for taxpayers, fighter for small business, and partner for families than Pamela Hornberger. She is the friend that Shelby Township needs in the senate. I am excited to endorse Pamela Hornberger and cast my vote for her on August 3,2021."

-Lisa Manzella, Shelby Township Trustee

"During my time in the Michigan Senate I served as Chair of the Senate Education Committee. Michigan's children need an advocate every day demanding accountability of our schools and teachers. Pamela Hornberger is that advocate and I look forward to seeing her elected as the next state senator from the 8th District. Vote Hornberger on August 3, 2021!"

-Phil Pavlov, former State Senator

"As the chair of the House Education Committee, Rep. Hornberger is indispensable in building Michigan's talent pipeline by ensuring high standards, accountability and getting more money into the classroom."

-Detroit Regional Chamber PAC ~2021 Senate 8 Special Election

november 8th
November 8th
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